Just like the hero Hercules, the Rottweiler dog breed is affectionate and robust. It is usually referred as Rotts or Rotties; this dog breed originated in Germany, where people used for driving their cattle away and pulling carts for butchers and farmers.

Rottweiler Breed Information

It has a broad chest and a muscular body. When he starts to move, you will note its stamina and strength, but if you look closely into his eyes, you will observe, dark-brown pools showing a mellow, alert, fearless and intelligent expression. A well-bred Rottweiler is always confident and calm. He is a real threat to strangers or intruders, but never fearful or timid.


They exhibit a “Wait-and-see” attitude when faced with new situations and people. When all these attributes are combined, the Rottie is a great dog that can successfully be used in military, customs work and the police. It can also be used as a protector and family friend. Rotties naturally protect their own families and can be so ferocious when they are attacked.

It’s crucial that you channel their protectiveness and power by offering early socialization, consistent leadership and training and a job that they will have to perform every day. When this fails, Rottweilers can turn to become harmful bullies rather than good companions they are supposed to be. Rottweilers are both aggressive and protective.

If they fail to be properly trained and socialized, they can be overly protective. That may sound good to homeowners, but a rottie who is not well socialized will be dangerous to all people he encounters, not just the evil strangers. You will be required to offer leadership and trust to your rottie without using physical force or anger.

If you do not do that, he will assume the responsibilities of a top dog. With such an intelligent and powerful breed as Rottie, this can be a disaster recipe. Despite the rumors you might have come across, Rottweiler is not vicious. You can easily train them by respecting them, and they can be your good companions. Despite their wonderful nature, they are not to be kept by everybody. You must be ready to socialize and train your dog; you should also deal with people who pre-judge this dog breed. Due to tragic experiences with the rotties, some cities have already banned this breed.

It is very unfair to judge the entire breed because of the activities of the few, but it is the thing you have to deal with daily if you are Rottweiler owner. You can restore the good reputation of this breed by teaching your Rottie to respect and obey other people. Rottweilers are always loyal and always want to be near people who care for them. If you can offer the structure and guidance he requires, you will obtain the best companion in the whole world.

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Rottweiler History

Rottweilers are ranked as ancient dog breeds that descended from the Molossus. They used to accompany the Romans traversing through Germany, guarding outposts and driving cattle. Most of them were left in the Southern part of Germany, which has now become the part of Rottweiler we know today. They are usually used in herding and security.



Male rotties are 24-27 inches taller and weigh between 95 -130 pounds. Females typically are between 22 to 25 inches taller and have an average weight of 85 to 115 pounds.


The ideal Rottweiler is confident, never shy, courageous and calm. He inherently desires to safeguard his property and family, but he is never aggressive without a good cause. It has a very strong work ethic that can adapt to any situation or environment. You need to train and socialize your Rottweiler puppy to help them be well-rounded, mature dogs.

Rottweiler Health

Rotties are normally healthy, but like other dog breeds, they are prone to specific health conditions. If you are purchasing a puppy, then you need to find a breeder who will show the health clearances of the parents of your dog. These clearances will prove that the dog has been cleared and tested for a certain condition. You can obtain these clearances for rotties from the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals.

Rottweilers Care

Rottweilers love to stay at home with people. They should not be left alone as they will become destructive, aggressive and bored. But they need to stay in a fenced yard, to safeguard him from other dogs and other strangers coming to your home. An underground electric fence will not be ideal if your dog wants to go out. He explores and learns new things with a desire to make you happy. You can easily house train them by following a consistent schedule.For training, you can use special collars, about which you can read here.

Rottweilers Feeding

You should give your rotties 4 to 10 cups of dry food daily which should be divided into two separate meals. However, the amount of food each dog consumes will depend on age, size, metabolism, size, age, activity level and build. The quality of food that you give your Rottweiler dog will determine how it will grow.






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Breed Highlights

-They are powerful, large dogs and require training and socialization from their early puppyhood.

-Even after training and socializing them, some people will just have unfair judgments towards your rottie.

-Because of the prejudice against rotties and people perceive them as dangerous, insurance companies will charge you more for owning such a breed.

-They generally love people and would want to always be with their families. If you leave them alone for a long time, they can turn to be destructive.

-Rottweilers are highly trainable and intelligent

-They need 10 to 20 minutes of playtime daily.

-They can overeat and gain excess weight if their food intake is not well controlled.

-Always buy a Rottweiler puppy from a reputable breeder to make sure that they are free from generic diseases that may affect their health after you buy them.

-They can excel in various activities such as tracking, carting, and obedience. Their puppies are always playful but can be more destructive if they stay alone for a long time.

Many homeowners own Rottweiler without knowing what is required of them after holding one. Contact your nearest Rottweiler club for more information.