Are you planning to pick a rottweiler? I agree, knowing about the temperament is absolutely essential as that’s what determine if your dog would be a great companion for you or not! It is usually said that a dog and a master with a similar kind of temperament make the best pair, and if that’s the case for you, go ahead and pick the breed.  

Rottweilers are usually known to be loyal companions that are brave, intelligent and energetic as well. They are usually active and can make easy friends, if trained to socialize right. They tend to be quite obsessed about their own territory, and that’s yet one of the sole reasons for you should be training him at an early stage, so that he is able to adapt himself while he is still young. Besides, the dog demands some physical exercises on a regular basis, and you should also give him some alone-time. Just like other dogs, the Rottweilers crave for love, and if you are loving enough, you may get one for you!  

Rottweiler Temperament – What’s good about them? 

It is important to train Rottweilers when they are still young, and if you can do so, trust me, they would be one of the best breeds you can ever own. Rottweilers are easy to socialize and they are open to friendship with dogs of other breeds without being aggressive towards them. Rottweilers offer protection, and can thus, be used to guard your home as well. You need not worry about your dog doing nothing when strangers are peeping into your house. However, they are good family dogs, and when introduced to your friends and family friends, they will adore him too for his decent and polite behavior.  

Rottweilers have always been loyal to their masters. They are not at all short tempered, nor dominant. They are quite peace-loving and are confident as well. You are sure to love being around them for just no reason. Talking about their physique, the Rottweilers generally own a muscular body physique and are apparently powerful. They are quite handsome and easy to manage as well. As already discussed, that Rottweilers are caring, protective and loving, they are good to have along with other pets at your home. Yeah, if you are willing to keep some other pet along with that of a rottweiler, there’s no harm. Rottweilers even live with cats. Just make sure that you teach your dog about – “Sharing is caring!” 

Rottweiler Temperament – What’s bad about them? 

Rottweilers tend to have a really short lifespan and are more susceptible to health problems over any other breed. One of the major issues with this variety is hip dysplasia, and thus, you should always check the hind legs before purchasing one. However, regular exercise can settle this issue to a certain extent. Rottweilers need proper training and lessons on socializing without which he would create a mess all around. Thus, you cannot escape the requirements of a training session for your rottweiler by any chance. If not done, your dog will turn to be aggressive towards dogs of other breeds as well as behave impolitely with the humans. He may end up causing serious damage to the victim in that case.  

On the other hand, Rottweilers are apparently muscular and powerful, and have got a good body weight. If you are actually looking for something that’s cute and adorable, a rottweiler might not be the one for you!  

Training and socializing your dog are a must if you are bringing a rottweiler to your home. If you haven’t made up your mind about it yet, go get a trainer at first prior to bringing the dog home. This is because Rottweilers tend to be quite aggressive and thus, may end up attacking innocent people for just no reason, thereby causing a trouble for you and resulting to a file raised in lawsuits.  

Rottweilers often start becoming bored out of nowhere. If that’s the scene with your dog too, it is usually better to take it out for some exercise, and walking. It is essential to put Rottweilers under a regular training session. Rottweilers are super active, and thus, they need active owners to take a charge of them. Therefore, if you are sluggish or a lazy owner who would find it difficult to cope up with the dog’s regular routine, it is rather better for you to go for some other breed.  

If you are bringing a rottweiler to your home, make sure that you are able to take proper care of him. You need to devote a lot of time behind a rottweiler, and only when you are ready to do so, go for it!  

Rottweilers need to have a healthy and proper diet. Make sure that you take care of its food habits and schedule its meals timely to avoid your dog from falling sick and suffering.  

Last tips for choosing a rottweiler with the right set of temperament: 

If you are choosing a rottweiler pup, it would be rather ideal to get one after you have met the breeder, and then assuring yourself to schedule a proper training for your dog so that it picks up good skills at an early stage. On the other hand, if you are too susceptive about what you need, and how your dog will grow up to be, you may directly go on to pick up an adult dog from a rescue hub to ensure that you are aware of everything that you would be getting into your dog. Everything will be apparently evident in your dog before you get it into home. 

Wrapping up: 

Following a proper diet and a routine exercise can cure your dog from almost every health complication. Also, the right training and mental stimulation can fix the behavioral issues and thought process of your dog, such that everyone appreciates you for owning a gem!