You should never be deceived by Rotty’s big size because one of its unknown natures is that he can be very lovely and also adorable to everyone here is what you dont know about rottweiler temperament

The Background of the Rottweiler Personality
These dog breeds which once had different natures originated from Germany and were mainly used for herding. They were mainly used to herd stock because of rotty brilliancy when it  comes to protection aspect. Their instincts for guarding were incredible and they are also presumed to be Roman drover dogs descendants. Since they could handle difficult situations, this made them ideal for stock protection in Rottweiler Temperament.

Rottweiler Temperament The ancestor of Rotty didn’t take time before they were preferred to become ultimate guards. A butcher who travels on occasion with his pounds of meat will then use the dog to take care of himself, the meat together with the money against thieves. The intelligent dogs thereafter adopted Rottweil Metzgerhund to be their first name which basically means a butcher’s dog. Germans guards started naming the dog as Rottweil which originates from Rottweil which is a name for a town in Germany. After having these dogs as guards in the town, they were finally named the Rottweiler. Even though they were initially used for guarding, they can comfortably carry out all jobs that other breeds are preferred for. For example, they can be used by police and at the same time used to guide people who require special care like those who are blind.

Rottweiler Personality
A family that doesn’t understand the Rottweiler Temperament should know from today that they are absolutely friendly. They can be very calm to your family thus making a great companion. Despite that, pet lovers need to be always social with him because when they are annoyed, they can become violent. An aggressive Rottweiler can cause injuries. If a Rottweiler becomes aggressive, it means that he wasn’t trained as required. An owner who handles him responsibly will enjoy his calmness forever regardless of how big he looks. If it happens that your Rotty has become aggressive to some people in your family, it’s high time to look for a professional trainer. A professional trainer will help in bringing back his gentle personality.

There comes a time when a Rottweiler owner trains him in the wrong way which creates fear. When a dog is frightened, he will respond by being aggressive as a means of protection. Make sure to use only the recommended ways of training your Rotty breed. For example, you shouldn’t hit him when he does a mistake. Never shout at him too!

The temperament behavior of this breed can easily change when there is a stranger. Since the dog is naturally a guard, when an intruder is on sight, the dog may be aggressive. It’s therefore important to train him to know
what a threat is and what’s not.

How to Keep the Rottweiler Temperament Positive
Your Rottweiler will automatically become what you train him to be every day. For example, if it sometimes gets angered, you should help him calm down and it will obey you. Never let him get annoyed every time without any intervention because this will make him aggressive. Their temperament can always be at desirable levels when you sacrifice your time with them. Uplift their positive moods by playing with them most of t he time to prevent them from getting bored. Let them have fun all the time!