The Rottweiler is from Germany but they previously originated from Rome. This begs the question as to what exactly is the American Rottweiler, how it came about and how to distinguish between The German Rottweiler and American Rottweiler.

The German Rottweiler
There are several classifications that can be used to determine whether your rottweiler is a German rottweiler not American rottweiler. The first is the place of birth. If your Rottweiler was born in Germany, then it is safe to assume that your Rottweiler is a German Rottweiler. The second way of determining whether your Rottweiler is German is by use of the standards set by The Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler­Klub, abbreviated as ADRK. The set standards by ADRK are to ensure that their dogs can be used for varied things like companionship and leading blind people. This is why they have strict rules to ensure the temperament of their dogs is checked. The ADRK rules also do not recognize dogs that have docked tails.

The American Rottweiler
The basic determination of the American Rottweiler is that they are born in America. The main difference between the American Rottweiler and the German Rottweiler is the conditions in determining the two. The American Kennel Club, abbreviated as ACK requires the breed of the dog and allows tail docking. This is opposed to the requirements of the ADRK.

How to know whether your Rottweiler is American  or German
There are very few things that can help you to distinguish from which breed your Rottweiler is. The ADRK and ACK rules are the major difference between the two breeds of the dogs. This is because they have different ideas and values that they consider to determine whether the dog is an American or German Rottweiler. The ADRK mainly accepts dogs with a controlled temperament and mainly focuses on the size and weight of the dog. A German Rottweiler will therefore be slightly large and their tails will not be docked. The ACK on the other hand recognized smaller dogs and a docked tail is the signature of the ACK.

German Rottweiler and American Rottweiler
German Rottweiler and American Rottweiler

When all is said and done the major difference between the German and the American Rottweiler is the origin. If the dog was born in Germany, then it is a German Rottweiler. If the dog was born in America, then it is an American Rottweiler. The ACK and ADRK provide rules on the thigs the dog should have to qualify it to be either a German or American Rottweiler. It does not matter much if the dog is a German Rottweiler or an American Rottweiler. Both breeds of the Rottweiler are sturdy and they also make excellent pets.