Rottweilers make great pets and everyone who owns one loves them to bits. However, as much as we love them we have to contend with the tough part of owning them, which involves dealing with their disobedience. Here is an overview of the different methods of dealing with rottweiler disobedience problems, possible causes and ways of correcting them in a more humane manner.

As much as you may not want to believe it, the Disobedience Problems that your dog portrays reflects your Rottweiler training mistakes or the lack of it. A dog is usually trained by its owner and if you do not take the initiative to train it well then it will continue doing the mistakes that you allow it to make.You must take the initiative as the dog owner and address bad behavior such as being aggressive, jumping or chewing up furniture in the right and proper manner.

Rottweiler training mistakes
Rottweiler training mistakes

Causes of Disobedience Problems in Rottweilers
There are various explanations as to why your rottie could be misbehaving. The most obvious cause of this disobedience is Rottweiler training mistakes or lack of it. If you d not take the responsibility of training your dog how to behave then it will not know how to do so. Spoiling your dogs will not do them any good. This does not mean that you cannot reward them for behaving well but ensure that they understand that it is their good behavior been rewarded and it is not their right to get rewards.

Fear could be another possible reason for your Rottweiler acting out. When your dog fears you, it is hard for it to respect you. You should not reprimand your dog harshly or hit it when it does a mistake. Being harsh to your dog makes it fearful and it will not listen to you when you are mean to it. Dogs will always listen to people whom they feel loves them.

Forms of Disobedience
A dog can disobey you in many ways and it is therefore important to differentiate between bad and good behavior. Every person has their own perception of what defines a good dog but when dealing with a Rottweiler you will notice some simple forms of disobedience.

Barking incessantly is one of the disobedience problems you will note with your Rottweiler. If it does not stop barking, you should ignore it until it calms down. You should only show them any attention once they calm down. This is not easy to do but you need to do it in order for the dog to learn how to behave.

Chewing on your furniture is not good behavior and once you spot your Rottweiler doing it, you should discourage this type of behavior. You must emphasize your “No” and reprimand them for behaving in such a manner. You can also keep them in areas away from your furniture if need be when they are unsupervised.

Rottweiler Disobedience Problems
Rottweiler Disobedience Problems

Rottweilers are well known for being highly prone to exhibit aggressive behavior. This often happens due to poor breeding where the dogs are being bred for aggression or when they are not qualified to be breeders. You should socialize your Rottweiler from a young age and ensure that it socializes with any animal present in your home at the earliest opportune time to avoid issues later on. Ensure that you discourage the aggressive behavior exhibited by Rottweilers.

Understand Your Rottweiler training mistakes
Rottweilers do not try to be disobedient on purpose and at times we need to take up some responsibility. We ought to understand why a Rottweiler is misbehaving. They are very energetic and hence need time to play with us. You should take them for walks, shower them with attention and play with them to ensure their happiness and comfort. They are aggressive and hence must be taught to socialize from a young age. Rottweilers get easily bored and when you are away they may be tempted to chew some of your things. You should get them toys to play with in your absence.

Final Words
It is clear from the above that your Rottweiler is not misbehaving rather they do not know to be good thanks to your Rottweiler training mistakes. You should learn to train them in the right way and avoid all the common training mistakes that most dog owners make. Positive reinforcement will ensure that your Rottweiler is happy, but you must train it well to avoid all the above disobedience problems.