No one loves to be near an unpleasant person and that’s why they will do everything possible to avoid them. How about a child walking with her Rottweiler Guard alone then a creep comes along with ill intention?

That’s exactly what’s happening in the video and that’s why the Rottweiler Guards dogs are
always given thumbs up. A six year old girl is walking with her Rottweiler guard in her neighborhood then a stupid man comes disturbing.

Rottweiler Guard
Rottweiler Guard

This crazy may want to take something from this girl but the brilliant guard dog suspects it. The creep approaches the little girl who is with her Rottweiler as he holds a stick. The man intention may be to steal the girl’s candy and that’s why he uses the baton to chase away the dog. What the hell is on this creep guy is what is in the Rottweiler Guards mind.

I guess so. Why? This is ultimately because the great guard dog doesn’t let that happen and that’s why he quickly defends the little poor girl. The girl still holds on the strap to her dog while it barks on the stupid creep. The man tries to hit the brave dog with the baton but he quickly stops the stick with his bare teeth. The man then quickly pulls back the stick and hit the dog again.

After the man realizing that the dog doesn’t let go, he runs away. The crazy thing about the man is that he thinks Rottweiler Guards are ordinary breeds of dogs. The man tries again by daring the dog but this time round it firmly sticks to the baton. The dog holds on to it tightly and the man decides to pull it for the last time and ran away; a scared idiot. The girl is happy to see this and walks smiling with his lovely pet which doubles as her guard; one of the greatest reasons why everyone should Rottys.

Video Source : brettvett1