Most rottweilers love barking, which makes them such great guard dogs. They are also very obedient and loyal, wanting nothing but to please their master, so training them should be fun and exciting experience, both for you and your Rottweiler !

You should try teaching your rottweiler “speak” command first, and then to work on “quiet” later. Knowing how much Rottweilers enjoy barking, you’ll want them to be quiet from time to time, so the second command is very important. Teaching “quiet” could be a little frustrating, since your dog probably won’t get it at first.

Fully understanding the concept of being quiet might be a little confusing for the dog, so try to be patient. Your help is crucial here, because neither “speak” nor “quiet” command can be taught trough physical demonstrating or visual showing.

First, utilize what you already have on hand. For example, if your Rottweiler barks at the doorbell, try to use that, and it should be easy to teach them the first command. Just say “speak” as they are barking when the doorbell rings, and give them reward the same moment. It is important that they get the praise immediately. Also, a treat or their favorite toy will work. Continue practicing until they’re able to follow the command without the doorbell.

Teaching Your Rottweiler to Speak

If you don’t have a doorbell, try to get your Rottweiler’s attention with a treat or a toy. Make them sit for you and use their name. Once you have the attention, say “Speak” in an enthusiastic voice. If the dog gives any sign of understanding, for example lips blowing, give them praise and the toy or treat you showed them before. Continue doing so until you actually get the Rottweiler to bark. This will probably take a couple sittings, but your dog won’t forget the command easily, since Rottweilers love barking.

Once your dog has accepted the “speak” command, you can teach them another, the “quiet” one. This command won’t be as easy as the first one, so it will probably take a little more patience, both yours and your dogs.

Teaching Your Rottweiler

First, make your dog bark for you. Once they have, give them a praise. After thet, try the “quiet” command, but make sure you don’t sound as enthusiastic as in “speak” command. Use a husher. quieter voice or say just “shh”. At first, you Rottweiler will probably speak instead of getting quiet, since they will not immediately realize that you ask them to do nothing at all. So, when they bark, just say “no. Quiet, shh”. That will take some time to understand, so be extra patient.

Teaching Your Rottweilers

When the dog barks with the “speak” command, give them one treat. Then try the “quiet” command. If they remain quiet instead of making noise, give them three treats. Next time, after the “speak” command, give them only a head pat as a reward. Then, try the “quiet” command again. If they stay quiet. give them three treats as before.
Greater reward will help encouraging your dog to remain quiet. “Speak” command is easy to teach, but keeping a Rottweiler quiet is the real challenge!